Everywhere BUT Bookstores Tour (9/27/22): Pharmhouse Wellness Artists’ Market

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Ep. 82 | Everywhere BUT Bookstores Tour (9/27/22): Pharmhouse Wellness Artists’ Market Creative Ops

I’m on my Everywhere BUT Bookstores Tour promoting my novel, Switchers, a sci-fi story that pits teens in 1996 against their adult selves in a winner-take-all time travel war.

Pharmhouse Wellness is more to me than a few pit stops on the tour, they are a partner I’ve worked with to promote the book and to sell it in their lobby. I’m grateful for the opportunities they’ve provided me, as well as many other creatives in the Grand Rapids area.

This episode is comprised of 6 interviews:

1) Casey and Megan Kornoelje – owners/founders of Pharmhouse Wellness

2) Dennis the frisbee guy – Founder of Wino-O Frisbee in Grand Rapids (Facebook Group) 

3) Darcy Weiss aka Doodle Mittens – artist/vendor (www.doodlemittens.com)

4) Chadwick Belbeck – artist/art market attendee/personal friend (IG: @cwick_b)

5) “Uncle” Mary Brandt & (Aunt) Tay Martinez – artists/vendors/adorable married couple (IG: @maryfragdalene@taymartiart)

6) Abdul – owner of  CHAR, the caterers of the event (www.char-gr.com)

. . .

Listen to The Reluctant Book Marketer. It’s a great listen for anyone on the path to publishing and promoting a book!

www.christophertallon.com for all things show/host related.

Love ya.


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