Christopher Tallon in the News (And How I Got There…)

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you find this information relevant whether you’re a writer or not. Any creative trying to market themselves could potentially benefit from this.


Here’s a link to the news write-up!

Fox 17 Morning Mix website

How I Got on the News

It’s actually pretty simple.

My friend, Mike Logan (aka The Ice Cold Comedian)–who happens to have a pretty funny YouTube channel–said, “You could probably get on the local news if you sent a press release to the right person. I actually know the right person. Write a press release and I’ll send it to them.”

Or something like that…

Writing a press release might sound daunting if you’ve never done it. Fortunately, I’ve written them professionally before. But even if you haven’t there’s…

Good News about Writing a Press Release

It really isn’t that hard. It’s just a matter of knowing what they look like, and how to organize it. I’ve written them for startups, entertainers, and podcasts. You don’t need a lot of training or anything to write one. Just do what I did

1. I Googled…


My actual Google search term

There are tons of examples and paragraph-by-paragraph guides. This can apply to anyone who’s trying to get some media attention. Just make sure you search for the type of PR that you’re looking for (ie. “art show press release” for an art show, “poetry collection press release” for a poetry…yadda yadda yadda…and all that.

2. Start Writing It…

Take the examples that resonate with you (notice I didn’t give you any links (I did it on purpose (you’ll find some pretty fast (don’t worry, buddy)))) and copy them. See if there’s a HOW TO WRITE A _________ PRESS RELEASE article somewhere.

Make yours looks like theirs, but with your information.

3. Run It by a Friend…

Remember when I said my comedian friend Mike (who you should follow on Instagram) told me to do this in the first place? He looked it over. Suggested one thing. I fixed it. And then it was sent out. It took maybe 2-3 weeks to hear back, and then…

Christopher Tallon and Michelle Dunaway on Fox 17 Morning Mix
Photo by producer Andrea Shaner

As they say these days: Try it out.

Write a press release and let me know if you get a bite! If you do…follow me on any and all social media @TallonWrites and–dude…seriously–tell me about it.

As always, hit up all them linkies under that bald, beautiful face just below.

That is all.


Christopher Tallon host

Christopher Tallon is the author of the dark, adventurous, time-travel novel Switchers.

You are the best thing / You are the best thing / You are the best thing / That’s ever happened to me

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PS – Listen to my podcast. Sorry…please.

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