Ever Read a Book before It Was Published? Want To?

Hey homies!

Some of you know I’ve written a novel. It’s called Switchers. It’s a time travel adventure, but you can’t just hop in a DeLorean, push some buttons and whammo!, you’re anywhere you’ve ever wanted to go.

Nope. In this adventure, you can only travel within your lifetime. And when you time travel, you have to switch into the body you had at that time. And the you from that time switches into your body. And there’s a war going on between several factions in both timeframes. Here’s a link to a more detailed description. If you wanted one…

Pretty weird, right?

Well, if you like weird stories–I know I do–then you might be interested in reading this when it come out near the start of summer.

Wanna Read It Sooner?

If you really like to read (and you’d be up to review it on Goodreads, Litsy, YouTube, Instagram, or wherever) I would love to give you a free digital ARC (advance reader copy) in exchange for help catching typos and whatnot, and also for getting some reviews out on the interwebs to help spread the word.

If you really are interested in an ARC, email me, or DM/PM me on my Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter accounts. I’m @TallonWrites on all of them. If not, thanks anyway. Ass.

Thanks for any and all support with this. It means a lot. Truly.



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