Incredibly Grateful

Yeah man, that’s how I’m feelin.

I’ve had some unusual ups and downs during the pandemic, as we all have, right? My mental health took a little bit of a dive. Not anything terrible; I wasn’t thinking about hurting myself or others or anything like that. Just a general feeling of being bummed out. Bummed about not being able to see live music and comedy. About not getting to see family from out of town since this started. About not being able to move forward with creative things that involved life being normal. All that shit. You know how it is.

But I’ve been turned around lately by some of my podcast guests.

Oh shit, everybody! This ain’t nothing but click bait and self promotion!

Well, come on…I have a website with my friggin name on it, so yeah, I’m kind of in the self promotion game. But I’m not trying to be click bait-y. Promise.

Seriously, I wanted to put a brief, simple message out there after I interviewed Kyd Kane, the poet laureate of Grand Rapids, Michigan (out next week):

Try to think of all the things you’re grateful for. Even if you’re tired, hungry, and/or in pain. You got someone who loves you? Take some time every day to think about that and how good that is. You have working opposable thumbs? That’s really something to be grateful for. Do you have a place to sleep that keeps you out of the elements, regardless if it’s as big or nice as maybe you wished it was? Do you wish you lived in a lush, natural setting, but it’s buildings and concrete most everywhere you look? Listen to the birds sing. There’s still birds in the city. Look at the clouds. Really take in the park next time. Look at the trees without thinking about anything except How pretty is that tree?

Getting a little to woo-woo, hippy-dippy?

Yeah, yeah. I get it. But you do, too. We can focus on negatives. In fact, it’s kind of programmed into us–negativity, anxiety, anger, bitterness–if you watch more than 20 seconds of any huge 24-hour news media outlet. It’s a lot easier to remember some shitty thing you said when you were 17 than it is to remember holding the door for someone whose hands were full last week, unfortunately.

But that’s why it’s important to actively remind yourself how good you have it. Even it all you can think of is, Well, I’m literate and have access to the internet; I read THIS dumb thing…

So there ya go–you were able to read this dumb thing. And even if all you got out of it was, Yay, I’m still literate, that’s something. Go you, you slouchy f***.

Whoa…too hard in the opposite-of-hippy direction?

Make up your mind! And while you do, go listen to my podcast.


Listen down below, or download CREATIVE OPS where you’d normally get a podcast. Or both. What the hell, right?

Ep.92 | Inside the Box, But off the Wall (Science-Backed Ways to Boost Creativity) Creative Ops

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  2. Ep.91 | Jason Demmon: music, creativity, cancer, & cannabis
  3. 2022 Wrap-Up & Updates (And a New Song!)
  4. Ep.90 | Marcel ”Fable” Price – A Shameful Showing from the Kent County Commissioners Board
  5. Ep.89 | Mallory Shotwell – Founder and Director of CULTIVATE on local art, community, ”making it”, & marketing

Thanks everyone! Talk atcha later.


Christopher Tallon

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