A Podcast for Creative People, by Creative People

Creative Ops is a creativity podcast. I interview different types of creatives and find out how they do their thing.


How’s it going? Things are well at Creative Ops. If you didn’t know, that’s my podcast.

Creative Ops (A Podcast for Creative People, by Creative People)

What’s it about?

The tagline is: a podcast for creative people, by creative people. My claim to creativity is writing, and music a little bit. If you ever check out the show, the music at the beginning is me. But I generally call myself a creative enthusiast. I like stuff that’s creative and. . .cool. I can’t pinpoint exactly what makes something click for me–sometimes it’s a gardening thing, or some visual art. Definitely have a soft spot for music/musicicans, as well as writers. Games, storytelling, photography, technology, business. If I see someone doing something that didn’t have a clear blue print, and it isn’t just some other thing to me, I try to get them on my show to talk about what makes their creations special to me, to them, and how they do what they do, why, for how long, and so on and so forth.

So it’s about creativity as a whole, but each episode attempts to get into the creative headspace of the person/people I talk to. Whether you eat it, participate in it, look at it, listen to it, or whatever–if the person/people behind it are creative, I talk to them.

What’s the format

One-on-one (most of the time), long form (avg. time = approx. 1 hour), conversation-based interviews. It starts with a song I wrote called Longsleeves, which I posted the lyrics. It quickly fades into me doing add reads for Baby Farm Soaps, River Town Adventures, and Hey Guys Media Group. Then, before the interview plays, I talk about my guest a little for listener familiarity’s sake. Then the music kicks back on for 15 seconds or so, and cross fades into an early part of the on-going conversation. NO MID-SHOW ADD READS. EVER. WON’T DO THAT TO YOU FOLKS. CALL ME OUT IF I EVER DO, BY ALL MEANS. The conversation is minimally edited, mostly for redundancies, my stupid questions, excessive mouth noises (tongue clicks, hard sighs, etc…). But all said, I usually only cut a minute or so of total time. Maybe not even a minute. Just depends on the day.

How often does it come out?

Every other Monday. I post about it on social media with the hashtag #CreativeOpsMonday. My individual social links are at the bottom by the picture of that handsome bald fella.

Where can I listen to it?

If you want to listen on the computer (or however), go to www.christophertallon.com and click on the most recent episode (or whichever). Or go to the Creative Ops homepage for links and detailed show descriptions. We’re on Apple, Spotify, and all the others. Search [Creative Ops] or [Christopher Tallon]. If you do the latter, you’ll also see episodes of other shows I’ve guested on.

If you really like the podcast/ But you don’t know how to show it/ If you really like the podcast. . .

Tell someone else about it! That’s hands down the coolest thing you could do. All the rate, review, subscribe stuff is cool too. If you wanna take it one step further. . .you can go to Buy Me a Coffee (.com) and do exactly as described–buy me a coffee. Or it can be a shot, or a snack, or an Impossible Whopper. You tell me. I’m here for you. And the coffees (or whatevers!). Whenever I get the __________, I’ll take a picture and post it on the gram for ya!

Thanks for reading all the way through a shameless self-promo for my podcast. I hope you check out the episodes. I talked to entrepreneurs, an Academy Award winning visual effects artist, a Cannabis Cup winning grower/breeder, a stay-at-home mom with a badass hobby farm, a pair of hospital nurses, a west coast rapper, a midwest metal band, some novelists, and most recently the mind that inspired a reeeeeaaaally cool show on AMC called Dispatches from Elsewhere. I’ve got a poet laureate, long time surf photographer/cinematographer, a metal drummer, a professional painter, and a community activist (he’s more than that, but…you’ll see) ready to go, along with a few returning guests who are simply waiting for their newest projects to be ready.

Thanks for considering giving it a listen. Holla at me on IG! Send me a link to something cool, or show me what kinda creative shenanigans you’ve gotten into.

Later folks.


Christopher Tallon

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