3 Reasons to Hate Going to the Oil Change Shop (And 1 Reason to Never Go Again!)

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So, this is actually a repost from the OiLuber Blog. Why would I repost that? Because I wrote it, silly! It’s for a pretty cool company that, for about the same price as going to the shop, will send a technician to YOU to change your oil, along with a handful of other services. Check em out at www.oiluber.com. (Or don’t. Totally up to you. (But do it!))

You know that little tag in the corner of your windshield? Yes, that’s right, the one that tells you when it’s time to get an oil change. Getting close? What’s wrong—not looking forward to the driving, the waiting, the cost, the constant upselling, being offered services you’re not even sure you need…?

Hey, we’re not fans of the typical oil change experience either, so stick around until the end if you agree with our 3 Reasons to Hate Going to the Oil Change Shop:

Reason to Hate Going to the Oil Change Shop #1: It Costs Too Much!

There’s no getting around paying for an oil change. But don’t spend more than you have to. Car and Driver did an experiment in 2019, calling several oil change shops to inquire about an oil change for a non-existent 2018 Mazda. They found that oil change prices ranged up to $95, with a mean average of about $80. Nerdwallet.com reported prices up to $100 for an oil change. Ultimately, an oil change costs money any way you look at it, but the cost of a typical oil change is just the beginning of why so many people hate going to the oil change shop.

Reason to Hate Going to the Oil Change Shop #2: It Takes Too Long

The amount of time it takes to drive to and from the oil change shop varies by person. For me, only considering driving time, it’s about a 40-minute round trip. Considering how long you could be sitting in your car while you get an oil change in the shop, you can at least double that time for the overall experience. One dealership website touts that an oil change is an “easy commit” lasting only “about 30-45 minutes.” That’s 30-45 minutes sitting in your car or a waiting area. No thanks.

And if there is a line on top of that, we’re talking an almost 2 hour experience from start to finish. One that could cost upwards of $100. But that’s not the end of the oil change nightmare. We saved the worst for last.

Reason to Hate Going to the Oil Change Shop #3: The Constant Upsell

Last time I went to the oil change shop, a technician looked me in my eyes and said, “Your windshield wipers are looking pretty bad. We can replace those for $25.” I had just put on new wipers the week before.

That wasn’t all! He also told me the car’s air filter needs to be replaced every visit. However, according to cars.com, your car “can go more than a year, at least, and probably more than two years between air filter changes.”

You might have experienced something similar. Maybe you’ve been pitched an engine flush (which cheetsheet.com reported contradicts specific auto-manufacturer’s guidelines), or a new belt, or new fluids, or windshield repair (which many insurance providers cover for free), or who knows what else?

You could easily spend a hundred dollars—and well over an hour—on an oil change at the shop. Never want to go to the oil change shop again? Good news!

You Never Have to Go to the Oil Change Shop Again!

Say hello to OiLuber, the rapidly-growing, new gig-economy site everyone is talking about! OiLuber is the new competitive marketplace for on-demand, at-home oil changes. Why is everyone talking about OiLuber? Remember all the reasons we hate going to the oil change shop? Now consider the advantages of using OiLuber:

  • No more trips to and from the oil change shop!
  • No more lines at the oil change shop!
  • No more sitting in a car or waiting room at the oil change shop!
  • No more pushy sales people offering you things you do not want or need from the oil change shop!
  • No more oil change shop period!

Don’t waste your money at the dealership, either—dealers have insane mark-ups on parts, which is why—here at OiLuber—we use high-quality, competitively-priced products exclusively from AutoZoneOiLuber is serious about quality and cost-effectiveness. Save the trip to the shop—schedule easily online, pay quickly with a credit card, and keep doing what you need to do, while a highly qualified technician is sent to you. Forget the shop, forget the hassle. Visit www.OiLuber.com today!

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