Classic Author Interviews: Christopher Tallon’s All-Time Favorites

What’s up, folks? Glad you’re here.

Yesterday I wrote a post that referenced an author interview. In thinking more about that post, I consider it a mistake that I didn’t put a link to that interview in the post. I thought about going back and putting it in there, but then I had a better idea.

I’ll make a new post with links to several of my favorite author interviews.

There’s lots of them out there. Some better than others. More bad ones than good ones. Either because they were too short, overproduced for TV with no depth, bad sound–whatever. But there are a lot of good ones.

So, if you’re a nerd like me, here are several interviews that I found insightful, by authors I respect tremendously. In an effort to save my fellow nerds the time it takes to sift through the not-so-good ones, here are some of (in my opinion) the best author interviews.



(Click on the image for the video link)

Dick Cavett interviews the masters of horror: Stephen King, Ira Levin, Peter Straub, and George A. Romero (1980)

The interview I talked about in my last post.

Adam Savage interviews Andy Weir

Charlie Rose interviews Toni Morrison

Joe Rogan interviews Nick Cutter

Stephen King Talks with George RR Martin

My favorite part is Martin asking King, “How the fuck do you write so fast?”

Margaret Atwood on Studio Q

Stephen King talks with John Grisham

Blake Crouch and Rob Hart on writing high concept sci-fi

Shameless Self-Promotion: Christopher Tallon on Threads Podcast

We talked writing, tackled big questions, and I told the story about the time Tim Tebow’s mom counseled me.

Steven James on writing thrillers

Steven James is one of, if not the best thriller writers working today. We had lunch once. On top of being super talented, he’s a really nice guy.

Lee Child Discusses his work with Stephen King


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