Why I can’t watch the new Dark Crystal (and a quick writing tip)

There’s one thing about the new Dark crystal show on netflix I can’t get over.

OK, so I was born seventeen years before the end of the 1900s. (Or 1983.) I remember watching the original Dark Crystal when I was younger. Back then I thought it was really cool. And, no. I haven’t watched the original in a long time, so I don’t know if it would’ve held up for me on its own.

Having watched the first few episodes of the new series with my kids, I can tell you this. I like the show. It’s a really cool fantasy story. And I really like the guy with the wooden spoon.

If you watch the show with the sound off, the Gelflings always appear to be saying:

Mom-mom-mom-mom, mom-mom mom-mom. Mom-mom-mom-mom-mom.”

Takes me out of it every time. I wish it didn’t, because I enjoy everything else about the show.

I dunno. I like the show, but the mom-mom-mom–it’s like having a bug stuck on your windshield, right in your line of sight. You can still drive, but…

As for a writing tip…

When you edit, look for everyone word, sentence, and paragraph that doesn’t absolutely need to be there. It might bum you out to see your word count go down, but it’ll make what’s left waaaaay more readable. And that’s the most important thing. For example:

You can write just about anything you gosh darn want to. But you have to remember, quite possibly the most important thing is that the finished product has to be super readable. I dare say that one of the best ways (if not the best) is by getting rid of any and all words that don’t one-hundred percent need to be there.

See? Pretty easy!

Later homies


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