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The New Fear

On a warm, bright summer evening, as my age was approaching double digits, I walked with my big sister. We had just finished dinner and were now on our way down the street to a friend’s house. The proudly edged and mowed grass stood… Continue Reading “The New Fear”

Awesome Book Alert!

In the Shadow of the Axe by Nicholas Kaufmann Awesome read. Under 200 pages. Read it in two sittings. It takes place in 1847 Germany. This is a gothic horror story. Kaufmann puts together a story that is all tension and build up. This… Continue Reading “Awesome Book Alert!”

Nag Champa, The Doors, and Candlelight

Somewhere, in a trash heap, there are notebooks full of little stories, poems, and songs I wrote. Not to show to anyone; just for the sake of writing. Unfortunately, I threw the notebooks away. Probably out of the fear that someone would find and… Continue Reading “Nag Champa, The Doors, and Candlelight”

Why I can’t watch the new Dark Crystal (and a quick writing tip)

There’s one thing about the new Dark crystal show on netflix I can’t get over. OK, so I was born seventeen years before the end of the 1900s. (Or 1983.) I remember watching the original Dark Crystal when I was younger. Back then I… Continue Reading “Why I can’t watch the new Dark Crystal (and a quick writing tip)”

Is There a Good Time to Use Bad Words?

Disclaimer: This post has some offensive words in it. The purpose is purely educational and is meant to start a meaningful dialogue. This post is NOT meant to shock, offend, or promote any kind of hateful thought or rhetoric. “There are no bad words.… Continue Reading “Is There a Good Time to Use Bad Words?”