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Hey folks!

There’s a novelist by the name J.B. Velasquez with a debut, Tourist Trapped. I’m still reading it myself, but I want to urge people to buy it based on the dude being pretty cool, AND the book also being pretty friggin cool.

Here’s a description:

Tourist Trapped by J.B. Velasquez

Depressed, newly divorced, and languishing away at a dead-end job, Tobias Munch dreams of becoming a famous author. He pines for Mia, a blonde barista way out of his league, but when she hits him with her car, his mundane, going nowhere life takes an unexpected turn.

Desperate to gain Mia’s approval, Tobias partakes of a psychedelic tea that transports him to the in-between, a place the dead go to learn to let go of their bodies in preparation for the Great Beyond. After the effects wear off, Mia returns to Earth. But, thanks to the concussion from the accident, Tobias has fallen into a coma—indefinitely delaying his return.

Time is running out before they pull the plug and he dies for real. All he has to do is learn to let go of his body in order to save it.

Easier said than done.

Sounds cool, right?

J.B. Velasquez links:

Read Tourist Trapped by J.B. Velasquez!

Seriously. Buy it.

K. That’s all I got for now.



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