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It’s been a summery month so far. Did some camping. A little traveling. Saw some family. Announced a little break from the podcast:

Ep.75 | Sorry Dean. Sorry Emily. Creative Ops

My apologies to Dean from the band Bedroom Ceilings (check them out on Facebook and Instagram), and Emily of Emily's Book Nook (YouTube). I didn't give Dean credit for his interview in Ep.73, and I mailed Emily a book but forgot to sign it. (Idiot…(me, not them!)) My bad, you two. Not intentional. And if it makes you feel better, it's been bugging the hell out of me, so. Yeah… . . . And the other part of this is me giving you a heads up: I'm taking a break from the podcast for the next 2-3 weeks to do summertimey-family-stuff. I have interviews recorded and ready to roll out in mid- to late-August, as well as a bunch of guests who are ready to record in the coming days and weeks. And, honestly–I need a break from it for a little while. Just long enough to rest my brain until I get itchy to get back to it. See ya in a few weeks. Don't forget you can get my book at, and/or reach out to say hi, give feedback, tell me about something creative going on…all that. I'm @tallonwrites on my socials. Later!

As I stated in the podcast, I was overwhelmed with all the stay-at-home dadding, writing here and there, doing the podcast, and promoting my book, so I’m enjoying a couple weeks with the family and ceasing all the other stuff.

What about this, you ask?

This? Oh, this ain’t nothin. I’m writing this in the bathroom. I can knock a blog out in no time. These are more or less little exercises to stay sharp (and promote some stuff). But I write blogs professionally. If you need one, or just need a little help making sure you’re doing it right–holla!

You’re Way off Track, Dude…

OK, you’re right. My bad. Here’s my…

Recommended Books!

The Tear Collector by Shawn Burgess

When a young autistic girl goes missing from a small Appalachian community, the residents of Harper Pass descend into chaos. Brooks Raker and his friends stumble across the police investigation, and as they dig deeper into the mysterious events, the boys realize the fate of their missing classmate pales in comparison with the evil lurking in the shadows of the quiet little town.

With four boys who believe something sinister is at work, and an ambitious reporter breathing down his neck, Detective Holt of the Harper Pass Police Department must confront his doubts and follow the evidence. A chain of disappearances and suspicious deaths, leads Holt to the doorstep of the mysterious and reclusive Professor Wadlow who may know exactly what has come to collect in Harper Pass. Can the detective and the boys work together to unravel the dark secrets of Harper Pass before those secrets devour them all?

Demon in Me by Jennifer Soucy

Layla survived years of addiction, burying the most traumatic recollections of her past. She escaped Hell, slapped a tourniquet on her toxic memories, and found a measure of peace as a drummer in Las Vegas. Ten years later, she’s finally moved on . . . until she’s called home to Connecticut, a last plea from her dying mother.

Back to Blackpool, where her estranged family awaits alongside her old enemies. The trip awakens her inner demons, voices who warn that history may repeat itself. A new cycle of violence begins, echoing events Layla barely escaped once. The voices urge her to fight, reminding her of wrongs that were never made right. If she gives in, she may lose both her sanity and her soul – a steep price to save a family who’d given up on her once.

Layla’s reached a crossroads, a choice between an insatiable thirst for vengeance or forgiveness for those who harmed her. But some crimes are unforgivable, and some wounds refuse to be forgotten.

Scratches by Joshua Marsella

A mother and son with a strained relationship inherit a house following the sudden death of a family member with a violent past. When the son moves his bedroom into the basement he starts to experience unexplainable and terrifying phenomena. After he uncovers a dark secret concealed within the house, they quickly learn that some truths are better left a mystery. Can they overcome their differences in order to survive or will the darkness overcome them both?

Vodou by Brandon Scott

Two centuries ago, Jack Holiday, desperate and brokenhearted, wielded the forces of Vodou to resurrect his great love: Lilith. His trespass into that realm cost him his life. That night he was cursed to serve at the pleasure of Samedi, the head of the Vodou order. He would become a reaper of souls; his charge? Collect “the Bad Ones.”As Jack sets out on the road to acquire from his list the soul of cult leader John Haley, he stumbles onto a forbidden ritual, and there, at the heart of it, is the ancient Resurrection Amulet, the very object that saw him cursed so long ago. Now Jack is pulled into a mystery, a conflict that threatens to tear the entire Vodou culture apart at its core.This is a tale of a dark spiritual underground, of redemption and temptation, where strength of character and newfound friendship are tested by betrayal and greed.This is the world of Vodou.

Cry Down Dark by TJ Tranchell

Peter Toombs never stopped loving Diana Ward. Not after they broke up; not after she married someone else; not after she died. Peter never got over how he failed Diana when she needed him most when they were in college. Even as he became a successful TV writer, his failure haunted him more than the monsters he created to scare others. His obsession prompts him to lease Diana’s childhood home in the small Utah town of Bern. He’s convinced that if he lives there, she will come back for him. When he sleeps, he dreams of ghosts: Diana’s, the ghost he believes should be in the house, and the ghost of someone he never met. The townsfolk, however, don’t like having a stranger in Bern. They have secrets they don’t want Peter to learn. Secrets about Diana and her death. Secrets about Peter and the ghosts that follow him. Joined by his friend Connor and Diana’s widower Aaron, Peter must survive Bern and discover the truth behind Diana’s fate. Learning the truth could exorcise the ghosts from Peter’s life or it could break his heart and bring him face to face with his worst fears.

Flesh Rehearsal by Brian Bowyer

My current read. I’m really enjoying it, but (because of my summer schedule…) I’m reading it super slow. No fault of Brian’s. Blame it on both my kids and my ADD (baby). Even though I haven’t finished it…I highly recommend it.

So there ya go. Buy my book and at least one of the others above. Now.


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Christopher Tallon is the author of the dark, adventurous, time-travel novel Switchers.

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