Wanna Help a Veteran?

Let’s help Anthony!

Hey folks!

I recently found out about a fellow husband, father, and veteran who’s struggling right now. If you have a few dollars that you can spare, please consider helping someone out. Mental and physical health are big concerns for us vets–I dealt with some mental stuff when I got back from Iraq, and continue to have a lingering ankle injury.

Enough about me, though.

The fella-I-hope-we-can-help’s name is Anthony. The people who love him started his GoFundMe page to help him out. Now I’ll shut up and let paste in…

The GoFundMe Organizer’s Message

Most don’t know my best buddy Anthony is going through a very hard time. We are collecting
money for his family to help with the everyday burden of losing his income while he’s down. The hope is to get him into a facility to get him the help he needs. 

Anthony is a great hubby and dad. He would never ask for a hand out, But he deserves for us to cover his six. Anthony has given Countless years of service for his country and he has been to hell and back.

My hope is we can show him a small token of our appreciation for everything he has done for us and this country. 

Thank You. 

So, again, if you can help…please spare a little of your fun money. If you can’t, don’t feel bad. We’ve all been in tight financial situations and far be it from me to shame anyone for the financial decisions/situations. But even if you can’t help directly, perhaps consider sharing this link wherever it might get some eyes:


Thanks everyone! You’re some kind hearted helpers and I dig it.


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