Aw Sh*t, It’s Summer…

Summer time

I used to love the summer. When I was a kid it meant no school, which was awesome. But now that I’m a parent (important to note: one who works from home…) it still means no school. It’s just not as awesome now.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my family. I do. But I’ve actually had a bit of luck recently in the trying-to-get-my-book-published adventure. So I’ve been working that when I can, but also writing another book. And it’s hard to do these things when you’ve got little dudes running around, breaking stuff, yelling at each other, and overall being maniacs. So now I’m working on a different schedule. A tighter schedule, for sure. I’m both frustrated and intrigued by this.

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So I’m the kind of writer/person who craves deadlines, as it helps me focus. So with a shorter daily window to work, I’m hoping that I get super focused and find a way to cram as much effort into the smaller window. Of course then my biggest fear is that I’ll need more time.

It’s always about more time. Kids want more time to play. I want more time to write and do podcast stuff. We all want as much time on earth as we can get. Time, time time.

Here’s the thing about fears that I’ve learned. If you sit there and don’t do anything about it, fear will lead. If you set a plan to overcome the fear, you can and will. Breathe. Fact check what your anxiety brain is saying. I constantly remind myself that I’m a good writer. It’s hard to do when people keep rejecting you, sure, but if/when you finally get a, “Hey, we really like this. Send more!”

The best.

When I opened my email and read that I was now at least a big step closer to getting my book published, I excused myself from the room of people I was in and cried for several minutes. I guess because I was like, Goddamn–it’s about TIME!

Just kidding. Kinda. More than anything, it was like me telling myself: See, you’re a good writer. Keep pushing, keep writing new stuff…just keep moving! It was both a congratulatory moment and a kick in the ass to stop dwelling on the negative. Don’t tell anyone I cried, though. What? Well yeah I realize I’m writing it on my blog. No one who knows me reads this. I don’t even think you’re reading it. You’re probably just here to try to put a link to your CBD or porn in the comments.

On the chance you are a real person and read most, if not all, of this malarkey: Cheers! And I dare you to leave an actual comment. (No one leaves comments anymore. (Except spam-bots. (And my aunt.)))

OK, time to bring this motha home. Thanks for stopping by. I encourage you to check out more of the blog, peep my website, and check me out on Instagram (my favorite SM) or Twitter, Facebook, Litsy…any of those. Oh!, and check out my podcast, Creative Ops, if you like hearing creative people talk about what moves and inspires them, and how they do their work.


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