I was on a podcast the other day

Yeah, that’s pretty much all I have to say.

Oh. Right, it was Threads Podcast: Life Unfiltered. I talked about the extended fasting I’ve been getting into, mental health, and all that good stuff. The guys who host (Ben and Jason) are friends of mine, and are both really nice people. One more so than the other, sure, but both are pretty cool nonetheless.

Ep. 119 || Our own blogger Chris joins us to talk about his fasting experience and mental health journey Threads Podcast: Life Unfiltered

Whether you listen to my episode or not, if you want to hear two grown men (and sometimes a guest) speak honestly about things we usually shy away from in polite society–not because it’s inappropriate, but because it’s uncomfortable–then you might try Threads Podcast: Life Unfiltered. Just a couple of real dudes talking about real stuff.

While I’m at it, don’t forget to check out my podcast, Creative Ops (A Podcast for Creative People, by Creative People). I recently interviewed a legendary surf photographer, some folks who creative experiences that will make you question reality, and most recently the drummer for longtime Lansing, Michigan rock band, HEARTSICK.

Creative Ops | Ep.20 | Jake Bryan – HEARTSICK Drummer & Music Lover Creative Ops

As a drummer, I was excited to nerd out with my new buddy, Jake Bryan. Jake is the drummer for HEARTSICK, the Lansing-based band that's been playing loud music for 20 years. I started following this band even before Jake joined. As you'll find out, he joined the band around the same time I left the Lansing area for good. Jake came from a musical family, where his passion for drumming was highly encouraged from a young age. In his teens, he found his passion as a traveling performer with the school band when they performed in Florida and New York City. Before joining Heartsick, he played drums in a Final Fantasy themed metal band–something I wasn't aware was a thing. Follow all the fun stuff:  Jake's IG @bryantalmadge Heartsick  Official Website Instagram Facebook YouTube Spotify Apple Creative Ops Podcast Website (shows, descriptions, links) Apple Spotify (Host) Christopher Tallon's Website  Buy Us a Coffee! Friends of Creative Ops IRIE Kitchen River Town Adventures Baby Farm Soaps Hey Guys Media

if at any time you feel the holy podcasting spirit moving you, you can:

And make sure you say hello whichever place is your favorite. It’s nice to here from my fellow creatives!

If you wish, feel free to peruse the last few episodes:

Creative Ops | Ep.19 | Peter Taras – Surf Photographer, Storyteller, Wine Reviewer, & Fun Dude Creative Ops

Peter Taras is an icon in the world of surf photography, starting in the profession at a young age. With his magazine days behind him, Peter continues to tell stories with his amazing pictures on Stellar Storytellers, and has fun with his wine reviews on his Instagram. He has collaborated with Jonathan Freeman on the Ultra Core Surf Hour. Hilarious. He's also part of the Kook of the Day series. Also hilarious. Go check him out! Thanks everyone! http://www.steller.co/petertaras http://www.instagram.com/petertaras/ http://www.instagram.com/jonathanwaynefreeman/ http://www.christophertallon.com http://www.instagram.com/christopher_tallon/ http://www.twitter.com/TallonWrites http://www.buymeacoffee.com/creativeops

Creative Ops | Ep.18 | Mike "Auggie" Augustine – Escape Rooms, Games, & Experiential Design Creative Ops

Auggie is a brilliant mind and great guy. In 2016, Auggie placed 5th world-wide in the Dyson Rethinkers Challenge. Then in 2018, Auggie won the Red Bull Mind Gamers Quantum Challenge. In 2019, his team placed 10th in the Red Bull Mind Gamers Escape Room World Championship. He's designed multiple rooms, including one in a hotel at the world championship for the competitors to play, that the hotel didn't even know about, haha! He also had a hand in the SYGNYL podcast that I talked about on Ep.17!  Check him out on social media @okapikid, and get in touch with him. He also has a website with a game built into it…www.okapikid.com. . . . If you like the show, BUY ME A COFFEE! Thanks to Jeff M. for the cup this morning!!!!! . . . CHECK OUT OUR SPONSORS: Irie Kitchen: http://www.irie.kitchen River Town Adventures: http://www.rivertownadventures.com Baby Farm Soaps: only at @BabyFarmSoaps on Facebook Hey Guys Media Group: http://www.heyguysmediagroup.com If you want more, go to: http://www.creativeops.podbean.com http://www.christophertallon.com I'm @christopher_tallon on IG @TallonWrites everywhere else I'm on Litsy and Goodreads, too

Creative Ops | Ep.17 | Jeff Hull of Nonchalance – Participatory Arts & Situational Design Creative Ops

Jeff Hull joined me, via the magic of the internet, to discuss literature, culture, Nonchalance, and his latest project–a revolutionary podcast–SYGNYL. Listen as we discuss past and present projects, how how created and implemented them, and how the lines between art and reality can blur to create something unintended, both in our art and, as we've seen recently, in our culture. That blurring, as Jeff puts it, "can lead us to chaos or meaning." Join us and try to find the meaning in the chaos. If we can't find it, we'll make our own. -CT . . . LINKS: GUEST Nonchalance: website | IG | Twitter | Tumblr SYGNYL: website | IG | Twitter | FB | YouTube SHOW Christopher Tallon: website | IG | FB | Twitter | Goodreads | Litsy | Buy Me a Coffee Sponsors: Hey Guys Media Group | River Town Adventures | Baby Farm Soaps

Creative Ops | Ep.16 | Nate Williams – Entrepreneur, Kayak Guide, Travel Gigger, and CaRV (car-VEE) Enthusiast Creative Ops

Nate Williams is the co-founder of River Town Adventures, a proud sponsor of the show. After leaving RTA, he found a travel gig in Seward, Alaska, where he was a professional kayak guide, showing tourists glaciers, bears, and whales via kayak. Then he went to Europe on a work/stay program and explored a few countries for next to nothing!  While he waits for tourism to return, he spoke with us from his home in Lansing, MI, about what he's done, where he's been, and (hopefully) where he's going. It was a long chat with a good friend. I hope you enjoy it. See pictures from Nate's trips in his Instagram. … Thanks for checking out the show! I appreciate it. Check out my website http://www.christophertallon.com to see my blog, learn about the book I wrote, and find my social links. Shout out to Hey Guys Media Group for the technical and spiritual support, and to River Town Adventures and Baby Farm Soaps for existing (and for sponsoring the show)! Stay tuned for more creative people! -CT

Creative Ops | Ep.15 | Drunken Podcasting w/ Justin D'Autremont – Host of Drunk Conspiracies Podcast Creative Ops

Creative People! Justin D'Autremont (host of Drunk Conspiracies Podcast) joined me from across the great state of Michigan after I recently did an episode of his show. We talk about all things podcasting, what got him into it, how he does it, and what his plans are moving forward. We also talk about the pros/cons of life in the north vs life in the south, and other random stuff. (Alcohol may or may not have been in play on this episode…) Justin's a talented young man (I can say that, he's younger than me), and I'm excited to watch his podcasts grow. Please download DRUNK CONSPIRACIES PODCAST wherever you get podcasts! Follow his show on Facebook and Instagram. . . . Thanks to Hey Guys Media Group (my technical overseers), as well as River Town Adventures and Baby Farm Soaps. Looking forward to doing some fun promotional stuff (ie. giveaways, contests, river events!) in 2021. Stay tuned for that, and follow what's going on with me (Christopher Tallon) and the show at http://www.christophertallon.com, and on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Litsy (a cool spot for avid readers).   -CT

Thanks for checking in.



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