7 Podcasts You Need to Listen To

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Hey folks!

There are 7 podcasts you need to listen to, and I’ll tell you all about them. But first, you might be wondering who in the hell I think I am that I’m gonna tell you what to listen to. Well, you probably already figured out that I’m a blogger–hence the blog…

But what you maybe didn’t know is that I recently started doing it “professionally.” I put it in quotes because I’m getting paid, but it doesn’t pay the bills. Just a good side hustle, for now. And speaking of side hustles, my newest client has a podcast dedicated to the hustlers AKA gig economists out there. Who is this fun new client of mine?

Hey Guys Media Group

Hey Guys Media Group is…duh…a media group, specializing in podcasting. They offer different service packages, as well as ala carte services to anyone with all the desire to get it done, but little-or-none of the technical know-how. Or folks who simply don’t have the time to do the behind-the-scenes stuff–of which there is plenty. Check out Hey Guys Media Group, and let them help YOU make YOUR podcast.

Besides the 5 shows they produce, the folks in charge at Hey Guys Media Group host and produce 2 shows of their own. But I’m getting ahead of myself, yet again. You’ll catch all the shows on my list of:


1 – The Gig Economy Podcast

“A show for gig economy workers looking to improve their hustle.”

#1 gig economy show on the market! Hosted by 2/3 of the Hey Guys crew–Jason and Jesper (pronounced YES-per)–who have, between them, done almost every imaginable gig-job there is. Join in for the fun, and learn from their experience!

2) Threads Podcast: Life Unfiltered

“A space for authentic, transparent conversation.”

Ben (the final 1/3 of the Hey Guys crew) and Jason team up weekly to talk 3 things:

Faith | Mental Health | Uncomfortable Conversations

Sometimes they have a guest, sometimes they don’t. But it’s always brutally and refreshingly honest, and good-humored.

3 – Creative Ops

“A Podcast for Creative People, by Creative People”

Artists, musicians, small business owners, and more talk about themselves, the awesome things they create, and their creative processes. Look for new episodes every other Monday (#CreativeOpsMonday).

4 – Dadup Podcast

“A bi-weekly broadcast of all things #dadlife”

From parenting to potty training to pizza, this show covers everything it means to be a Dad in the 21st century – serious to silly.

The show is an extension of the Michigan-based non-profit Daddy Daughter Time. (www.daddydaugthertime.org) It’s hosted by the organization’s founder Todd Chance and a rotating chair of co-hosts.

5 – Mind Your Own Business

“Supercharge your impact, influence, and income”

Learn Dr. Erin’s best mindset techniques to help you “turn down the volume” of fear, self-doubts, and lack of confidence. Learn the psychology of success to improve your mindset, and ultimately, your bottom line.

It’s time to get out of your own way and train your brain to be your best business partner! Learn how to create a business, and life, that you are obsessed with!

6 – Tap In Podcast

“Going behind the scenes to connect you to the people, businesses, news and information you care about it”

Stephanie and Pamela give their listeners a weekly look behind the scenes at the West Michigan community through interviewing some of its most interesting people.

7 – The Skeptical Pastor Podcast

“A space for real and honest conversations about the doubts and questions around Christian faith”

Mike Van Drie is a pastor, but beyond that a very accessible and honest human being. Mike brings the uncomfortable parts of faith out into the open for everyone to learn and grow.

Alright. That just about does it. I hope you saw a few shows in there you liked. That Creative Ops one sounds pretty cool. I heard the host is this incredibly handsome, super-genius or something.

Take care and enjoy the week with a new podcast. (Or seven!) If you do find yourself enjoying one of the shows, please reach out to them and let them know, and like, subscribe, rate, review, get a tattoo of the host on your leg, name your dog after them, offer them your first born, or see if there’s a way you can support them with a small financial boost. For example, if you go to Threads Podcast: Life Unfiltered‘s buy me a coffee page, you can do exactly that–buy the hosts a regular-ass cup of coffee as a way to say, “Hey. Cool show, man.”

As a matter of fact…

[15 minutes goes by]

Now you can support Creative Ops on buy me a coffee! One time, recurring. Woo-ha!

Take care, folks!


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