First Creative Ops 0f 2021: Year One Reflections w/ Jason Tieri

Creative Ops is a podcast for creative people, by creative people. We get to know the creator, their process, and talk about the stuff they make. Artists, musicians, professionals, parents, medical pros, etc...

Hey Folks!

Were you looking for this on Friday? Well, #CreativeOpsFriday has given way for #CreativeOpsMonday. Look for episodes to drop every other Monday until further notice.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I promise to let you know ahead of time next time. Maybe. No guarantees. But I will. I promise. Ya know…most likely.

. . .


My in-studio producer/friend/technical overlord (Jason Tieri, Threads Podcast:Life Unfiltered; The Gig Economy Podcast; Hey Guys Media Group) and I discuss/reflect on the first year (13 episodes) of the show and all the behind the scenes gaffs/mishaps/mistakes/planning/preparation/etc….

. . .

Thanks to all the supporters of the show:

And humongous thanks to all the listeners, especially folks like shakespeares_fire & cherylscreativesoup for reaching out on social media and helping to spread the word about the show–stuff like that keeps me excited about doing all this! (Even the writing-show-notes part…)

. . .

Check out for more on the show and its host (me!), read some blogs (my personal ones, not the ones I write for other people, although this and that aren’t bad writing…), and all that shnazzy stuff.

. . .

See you on the next #CreativeOpsMonday everyone!


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