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Hey folks,

It’s been a minute. I hope you’re doing OK with everything that’s going on–staying healthy physically AND mentally. Me? Not much. Trying to adjust to having all 4 kids at home. All. The. Time. As you might imagine, I haven’t had as much time to write, but I squeeze some time in where I can. Mostly I’ve written a few blogs for Threads Podcast: Life Unfiltered. One of the co-hosts of that show is the producer for my show, Creative Ops. So I’ve been doing stuff with the podcast, writing blogs for other people, taking care of kids, trophy husbanding, all-around kicking ass.

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I’ve also–when time does allow–been on a bit of a streak, writing what’s shaping up to be my next novel! It started as an idea for a short story. The first draft needed to be reworked. I was originally going to submit to LOM Publishing for one of their projects. But, once I started piling up page after page, I realized I had my next novel. So, since I’m “not into the whole brevity thing,” to quote The Dude, I ditched the short story for long form. But, with any luck, you might hear more from the good people at LOM on a future episode of Creative Ops, the podcast that I started just before The Weirdness set it. Talk about timing, eh?

My producer isn’t letting anyone in the studio (rightly so), which leaves us here, slowly figuring out how the podcast is going to work with the guest AND host streaming into the studio remotely. A few parts are on order, I got a (much needed) new laptop, and I’m excited to be more independent, but I miss hanging out at the studio.

During all this, I recently joined Twitter, so if you are also in the Twitterverse, check me out (@TallonWrites) and say hi.

Check out the podcast, too. C’mon, it’s free. You can click the link—Creative Ops—or search “CREATIVE OPS” wherever you get your podcast on.


Thanks for reading!


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