I finished writing Switchers (the first chapter is available right up in here) but the work isn’t done done. The manuscript is currently in the capable hands of my editor, JoAnn, at Twin Tweaks Editing. Once she finishes doing her magic, I’ll go through it and polish it off.

Now, I thought working on a book for almost 3 years was frustrating, but not having a book to go tool with is, honestly, causing a strange amount of anxiety in me. That’s why I’m writing this post; I have to write something. I don’t want to start my next project, stop, then go back to finishing off my current project. I bought a new pack of legal pads, and I get a funny feeling in my tum-tum every time I look at them, but the time is not yet upon me to endeavor on a new book. So, for now, I’ll spend my time and motivation to give my (formerly) sorry website a tune up and much needed attention, by way of some more regular blog posts and updates.

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