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Behind “The Process”: writing by HAND vs. Typing

When you write by hand, according to Joe Hill, “The only thing you have to entertain you is your own imagination.” Couldn’t agree more. No stimulus beyond what’s firing between your ears. I’ve also heard (but not confirmed) that James Patterson writes everything by… Continue Reading “Behind “The Process”: writing by HAND vs. Typing”

Writerly Knick-Knacks and Whatnot

I’m not a big fan of knick-knacks per se, but I make exceptions. Or rather an exception. When it comes to writing, I like keep a little wooden duck named Curly nearby. When I was maybe 12, I went on a fishing trip with… Continue Reading “Writerly Knick-Knacks and Whatnot”

Music, Beta Readers, and Other Stuff…

Hey yo! Happy Friday to anyone reading this today (or any other Friday, I s’pose)! I like to share things I find awesome when I have the chance. So, in no particular order: I don’t know about any of you writers out there, but… Continue Reading “Music, Beta Readers, and Other Stuff…”