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All the Podcaster Interviews from Creative Ops

All the podcasters from the Creative Ops interview vault.
Seriously. I have a f–kin VAULT, mofos!

Networking with a Growth Mindset

3 author/podcasters sort out a cross-promotion; good podcast listening samples; and a chance to get a great book!

So Much Author Knowledge in One Place!

christopher tallon, jody sperling, and kenny mackay

Listen to 3 author/podcasters and see what kind of information you come away with. And laugh at how dumb I am…

Other Podcasters You Might Enjoy

Here’s some of the podcasters who’ve been on. Give em a shot.

I’m Grateful for These Podcasters (And Their Podcasts (Duh…))

great podcasts by great people

These are some of the coolest people in podcasting. Of course, that’s just, like…my opinion, man.