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Aaron Daane, Coach & Former Youth Soccer Club Owner For almost a decade, Aaron Daane ran a youth soccer club in west Michigan. He recently sold his club and now works as a coach and coach educator. We talked about what creativity means in the context of soccer and player development, as… Continue Reading “Aaron Daane, Coach & Former Youth Soccer Club Owner”

Creative Ops | Ep.6 | Parenting & Hobby Farming w/ Andrea Draft My friend Andrea Draft joined us in-studio to talk about stay-at-home parenting during the pandemic, and how important it is to keep your sanity by finding something that brings you joy. In her case, it’s chickens and a plentiful veggie garden.   Listen… Continue Reading “Creative Ops | Ep.6 | Parenting & Hobby Farming w/ Andrea Draft”

Behind “The Process”: FAQ from the Internet writing community

Christopher Tallon fields writing questions from the internet writing community.

Creative Ops | Ep.5 | Fresh Coast Seed Co. Wanna know what goes into making award-winning cannabis? Oh good, because I packed up my podcast gear and drove into the wilderness of northern Michigan to record–on location at their grow facility–with Ross from Fresh Coast Seed Co., a medical marijuana and seed… Continue Reading “Creative Ops | Ep.5 | Fresh Coast Seed Co.”

Boot Camp & The “Nasty Nine”, Hypothetical Rock Bands, Podcast Musings, and…I Dunno…Stuff

Podcast updates, an old story, and a list of my favorite hypothetical bands (by genre)