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Talking with my Bloggy Friend!

Christopher Tallon was a guest on The Bloggy Friends Show

I was on The Bloggy Friends Show recently. Check it out to dive deeper into my “creative genius” (*her words, not mine*) and listen to a conversation between a couple of folks who get paid to write blogs. Check out the host of the… Continue Reading “Talking with my Bloggy Friend!”

Ep.59 | My ”Celebrity” Status & Updates on My Book (Read It NOW!)

I’ll be at Turnstiles Bar in Grand Rapids, MI, for the comedy roast battle on March 23. You should come too! See the comedians be roast one another, then watch me call it as a “celebrity” judge. My book, Switchers, officially comes out June… Continue Reading “Ep.59 | My ”Celebrity” Status & Updates on My Book (Read It NOW!)”

A Sorted List of Every Podcast Episode

A sorted list of all the shows by guest type (and all the solo episodes in one spot)

Top 10 Most Downloaded Podcast Episodes of 2022

The Top Ten Most Downloaded CREATIVE OPS Episodes of the Year!

9 Podcast Episodes Featuring Creative Women (Yay for Women’s History Month!)

The wonderful, creative ladies who have graced my podcast are all showcased in one spot! Happy Women’s History Month, homies.