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Behind “The Process”: Why Is Writing Scary?

Seriously. It’s a valid question. Writing is scary. Ok–starting writing is scary. That’s the focus here: getting started. Even if you like writing, and have been doing it for awhile, getting started is scary. Truth be told, I’m writing this because I’m putting off… Continue Reading “Behind “The Process”: Why Is Writing Scary?”

Behind “The Process”: Querying Agents

Sup folks? I hope everyone is well as we near the holiday season and the end of 2019. It’s been a fun year. I was a guest on a podcast, got my social media presence up and running, and built this website. All stuff… Continue Reading “Behind “The Process”: Querying Agents”

Behind “The Process”: Rejection

I touched on rejection anxiety a little bit in my post Behind “The Process”: Don’t Be Shy. But that was more of a don’t-be-afraid-to-let-the-world-know-you’re-a-writer kind of thing. If you’re past the initial anxiety of just anyone seeing your stuff, then hopefully you’ve received some… Continue Reading “Behind “The Process”: Rejection”

Behind “The Process”: Where DO Ideas Come From?

I’m not asking in the way that people who don’t write ask writers. I’m asking in a reflective way, because, well, I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately. I’ve had some story ideas but haven’t latched on to one that I want… Continue Reading “Behind “The Process”: Where DO Ideas Come From?”

Behind “The Process”: Plotting vs Writing

I started this blog to give would-be and struggling writers insights into the writing process. But the insights were mine and mine alone. I don’t wanna be the guy who tries to have all the answers. So my last post was an interview that… Continue Reading “Behind “The Process”: Plotting vs Writing”