Creative Ops | Ep.28 | Origins of our Theme Song & Show Updates

In this solo episode, I:

  • tell tease next week’s interview with the one, the only, the fantastic…Chanel Ali, the comedian with the “best comedy album of 2020” according to NPR (2:08)
  • tell you why comedy is important to me (3:37)
  • updates on my as-yet-unpublished novel (6:15)
  • more upcoming guests (7:30)
  • promote my blog about how the Pistons invented the blueprint for free agency in the NBA (8:47)
  • play a song I wrote a few years back called Come Under (an instrumental version (with a guitar solo!)) (11:00)
  • tell you the origins of our theme song, Longsleeves, both how and where it was recorded, and where the inspiration came from AND let you hear the theme song, in its entirety, as a show closer (12:32)

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