Creative Ops | Ep.27 | Pedro “The Roadie” Rodriguez – Roadie Life, Art, Music, & Collaboration

Hey folks!

Got a new one out today. I talked with Pedro Rodriguez aka Pedro the Roadie (on SM) aka Namo Maitri (music name). Super interesting dude. Very easy chat. Here’s the show notes:


TODAY’S GUEST: Pedro “The Roadie” Rodriguez

Pedro has been a roadie for over 20 years, spending a good deal of that time as the tour manager for the band KMFDM. He talks about his various roadie gigs, landing a dream job with KMFDM, starting the Karuna Art Collective in Philadelphia, making music and art, collaborating, and bringing up young creatives.


@christopher_tallon on IG

@TallonWrites on Facebook and Twitter


Pedro on IG: @pedrotheroadie

Karuna Art Collective on IG: @karunacollectiveart

Pedro on FB: @pedrotheroadie

Karuna Art Collective on FB: @karunacollectiveart

HEAR PEDRO (aka Namo Maitri):

Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube

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