Writerly Knick-Knacks and Whatnot

I’m not a big fan of knick-knacks per se, but I make exceptions. Or rather an exception. When it comes to writing, I like keep a little wooden duck named Curly nearby.

When I was maybe 12, I went on a fishing trip with family near Oscoda, MI, on Lake Huron. At the bait shop, I saw a little duck on the checkout counter, in front of the cash register. It was carved and painted by hand. Something about it caught my attention. My uncle saw me checking it out and bought it for me as a gift.

Two decades have passed and I still have Curly. I call him my writing partner. Whenever I have my laptop setup to transfer what I hand wrote (yes, I write all my stories by hand first), to edit, or whatever, he’s usually right there, just off to the side. Chillin.

How about you guys? Do you have a “writing partner” too?

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