• Christopher Tallon’s Virtual Bookfair

    Christopher Tallon’s Virtual Bookfair

    I want to throw a bookfair with all my favorite author friends from around the country. This is the closest I can do until I become megasuccessful…LOL!!!

  • All the Writers & Poets on Creative Ops

    All the Writers & Poets on Creative Ops

    I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with a handful of talented writers of all sorts and genres. Here’s a quick overview, in chronological order, of all of the… Writers & Poets Before you dive into these fantastic interviews (I checked, they’re legitimately fantastic), don’t forget to check out the blog. Maybe even subscribe to it.…

  • Creatively Affecting Change

    Creatively Affecting Change

    Fable the Poet (aka Marcel Price) became the Poet Laureate of Grand Rapids, MI in 2017. At the time, he was GR’s first black PL. He was the first PL to not graduate from college. On top of that he was also the youngest PL in city history. Now he works with The Diatribe, mainly…

  • Long Sleeves (a poem)

    Long Sleeves (a poem)

    Hey, folks. So I used to play in bands, write songs, and all that fun stuff. Don’t have the time for it anymore, but this was always one of my favorite originals to play. So I figured, might as well share it, now as a poem. The title comes from a girl I knew years…

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