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Here’s a list of ways you can give me money. You’re welcome.

  • I write blogs, newsletters, and web content for money. Or–if you really want me to–I can write you a story. Come on. How cool would it be to have a shnazzy Christopher Tallon original written just for you, you nut?
  • I’ll bust out the guitar and sing you a song…for a price. (Dun. Dun. DUN!!!!!)
    • I’ll send you an MP3 or put it up on my Instagram stories or whatever. Don’t worry; we’ll figure this out. Together.
  • Let’s see. OH! You can advertise on my podcast. Don’t have a business? That’s cool, homie. You can advertise your dating app profile for all I care.
  • Or you can just give me some money a la www.BuyMeACoffee.com.
  • COMING SOON(ish): A store! I’m looking to sell some podcast merch, some books (in the future), and some sponsor gear. Looking forward to that. You probably don’t care because it’s not here yet. Touché…

Buy Me a Coffee

If, for whatever reason, you’re like, “This guy needs to keep doing his thing; I’m going to support him, just because I’m a fantastic human,” then you can donate anywhere from $1 up to as-much-as-you-want on www.BuyMeACoffee.com

Blogging/Web Content

Not only can I write you one post, a series of posts, or regular recurring posts, but I can help make sure your blog boosts your SEO! Need carefully crafted words to bring your website to life? Need help communicating your message on your newsletter/e-mail list?

Podcast Ads

Creative Ops is a podcast “for creative people, by creative people” and as such, we’re always looking for sponsors who do cool sh*t. Tell us about yourself!

Has anyone seen the Payment Button? Oh! Here it is. Nevermind…

Thank You!

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