Save Money on Upheaval Festival Tickests!

Hey kiddos!

Gonna be in Grand Rapids, Michigan on July 15th and or 16th? Like loud music?

You need to be at the Upheaval Festival this year.

Besides all the bands you know like Breaking Benjamin and Disturbed, there are bands like this that will be rocking the main stage:

Not familiar with Heartsick? Listen to Alfonso (vocals) and Jake (drums) on their CREATIVE OPS appearances. Then go to and use promo code HEARTSICK to save money on your tickets!

Ep.76 | Ashley Nash – Illustrator & Muralist on Passion, Purpose, and Event Planning Creative Ops

Ashley Nash is a talented visual artist (illustration/painting/murals) with a degree in art (focus on illustration) from GVSU. She's originally from Muskegon, now living in Grand Rapids, and freelances as an artist while also working as the Head Creative Designer at Pharmhouse Wellness (which you already know of if you've been listening). She's part of the creative duo that puts together the Pharmhouse events, such as the Art Market from Ep.73. Check out for more info on what they've got coming up, links, etc… Ashley talks about her youthful inspiration and support, winning over skeptical family with your art, getting screwed over as an artist, and finding your way in all the madness–professionally and otherwise, learning, and unlearning. You can find Ashley's creative work around various parts of west Michigan and/or on her Instagram, on which you can FOLLOW HER on Instagram: @nashleyillustration. You can click HERE for ALL of her links, and you can email her (business-related inquiries only, please) at Nashleysart@gmail. . . . Big shout out to Pharmhouse Wellness for letting me sell books at their art markets AND inside their lobby! If you're in Grand Rapids and you need a dispensary…Pharmhouse Wellness. Look for their cannabis-themed art and exercise events on their IG and FB pages.   . . . If you enjoy Creative Ops, support the show: -Buy SWITCHERS (a novel by Creative Ops' host Christopher Tallon) -Buy me a coffee (.com) -Follow us on Insta, FB, TikTok, and/or Twitter. -Follow CT's blog (it's the best blog you're not following (yet…))

Creative Ops | Ep.20 | Jake Bryan – HEARTSICK Drummer & Music Lover Creative Ops

As a drummer, I was excited to nerd out with my new buddy, Jake Bryan. Jake is the drummer for HEARTSICK, the Lansing-based band that's been playing loud music for 20 years. I started following this band even before Jake joined. As you'll find out, he joined the band around the same time I left the Lansing area for good. Jake came from a musical family, where his passion for drumming was highly encouraged from a young age. In his teens, he found his passion as a traveling performer with the school band when they performed in Florida and New York City. Before joining Heartsick, he played drums in a Final Fantasy themed metal band–something I wasn't aware was a thing. Follow all the fun stuff:  Jake's IG @bryantalmadge Heartsick  Official Website Instagram Facebook YouTube Spotify Apple Creative Ops Podcast Website (shows, descriptions, links) Apple Spotify (Host) Christopher Tallon's Website  Buy Us a Coffee! Friends of Creative Ops IRIE Kitchen River Town Adventures Baby Farm Soaps Hey Guys Media

Creative Ops | Ep.4 | Heartsick vocalist Alfonso Civile rocks my podcast! Creative Ops

Alfonso Civile of the Lansing-based metal band Heartsick joined me for a discussion via the magic of the internet. A few of the things we talked about: the 20 year history of the band (formerly Know Lyfe), how they're adapting during the stay-at-home order, what they have planned for the future,  the band's creative process, and more! Alfonso is super creative, and just a really nice guy. I hope to have him back sometime; I could've talked to him way longer. Hope you enjoy our chat as much as I did.  Find out what else he and the band are up to, how to watch/listen/support them in these odd times: Facebook @heartsickband Twitter @heartsickband Instagram @heartsickband Heartsick Official YouTube Still reading? Really? OK. Well…if you like Creative Ops, one way to let me know: rate the show. Or leave a review.  Or subscribe. Or do any combo. If you do all 3, I'll be your best friend for a whole day (weekends and holidays excluded). Check out my website,, for show updates, blogs, and random fun! Follow and connect with me, Christopher Tallon, on social media. I'm on Instagram, FaceBook, and Twitter. Still reading? Why? Go listen.  -CT

Hope to see you at the festival!


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