If You Only Do 2 Things in Grand Rapids, Michigan this July…

grand rapids michigan events in july

Grand Rapids, MI has tons of stuff going on. ZZ Top and Norah Jones are playing at the Frederik Meijer Gardens this month. Kevin Hart is performing downtown. There things happening around the city all summer!

Two Events in Grand Rapids, Michigan You Don’t Want to Miss This July

  • Pharmhouse Wellness Art Market | July 9, 10am-4pm

Pharmhouse Wellness Art Market | July 9, 10am-4pm

Pharmhouse Wellness
831 Wealthy St. SW
Grand Rapids, MI 49504

Pharmhouse Wellness is Grand Rapids’ only locally owned and operated dispensary. Why? Well, it’s a pretty crazy story that starts in Alaska. Listen to Casey, the owner, and I talk about it on Creative Ops:

Ep.56 | Casey Kornoelje – Grand Rapids’ Only Local in the Cannabis Game Creative Ops

Casey Kornoelje is the sole owner of the only locally-owned cannabis dispensary in Grand Rapids, Michigan. You might ask, "There are so many dispensaries…how is Pharmhouse Wellness the only local one?"  Great question. Listen for the answer to that, how Casey got into growing in the first place, how the shop came to fruition, and what his plans are for the shop and the community around it going forward. . . . Check out Pharmhouse Wellness on their website, http://www.pharmhousewellness.com, on Facebook @pharmhousewellness, and on Instagram @pharmhousewellness. . . . Follow the show and its host at http://www.christophertallon.com and on all social media @TallonWrites. . . . And leave a review AND a rating for the show wherever you download podcasts. Thanks!

The first of three art markets is in the books. I sold a few books in the tent with my friend Los the Artist, who sold a few paintings. There were painters, musician/inventors, clay artists, vintage resale shops, jewelry, clothing, and all kinds of things. And there are supposed to be more vendors this month!

Come for cannabis, stay for the art. Or the other way around. Or just come for the art.

(If you do come for the cannabis, there will be a place to smoke. Buy some art and smoke with the vendor!)

I’ll be there selling and signing copies of my book, Switchers, and I’ll be sharing the tent with an artist.

Go to the official PHARMHOUSE WELLNESS WEBSITE for links to their socials and info on all the stuff they have going on.

Upheaval Festival

Upheaval Festival is happening! This is hands down my favorite music event of the summer. Not only for an event in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but anywhere. Part of that is because of the band featured on this Upheaval IG post:

Heartsick went from the Lookout Stage last year, to the Main Stage in 2022! They bring intense energy that whips the crowd, no matter the size, into an absolute frenzy. Check out this video with live show footage:

Now listen to Alfonso, the frontman, talk about their sometimes-vomit-inducing, high-energy performing style and how they got involved with the debut festival, originally thinking it would only be in front of a few dozen people “in someone’s backyard or something…”

Ep.72 | Alfonso Civile of HEARTSICK on Stage Presence & Getting Main Stage Honors (Upheaval Festival ’22) Creative Ops

Get your tickets for the Upheaval Festival in Grand Rapids using this link with the promo code HEARTSICK at checkout and you'll A) Support the band directly, and B) Get $5 off admission! .  .  . Alfonso and the guys from Heartsick, a hard rocking band from Lansing, Michigan, are old friends of mine. On top of being an incredible group both musically and as live performers, that's why I'm happy to support them ahead of their next festival performance. See, last year they cause such a ruckus amongst the crowd on the Lookout Stage the organizers asked them not only to come back this year, but to open the show on SATURDAY JULY 16 on the Main Stage at 1:20pm. Alfonso talks about how they got involved with the festival and where the energy for their insane live shows (they have all been known to puke after a show…) comes from. You don't want to miss these guys. They are fantastic. And cool guys.  .  .  . $5 OFF TICKETS UPHEAVAL FESTIVAL website and info guide Heartsick on YouTube (Try the song "VICE CITY". My kid loves it, haha.) Heartsick on Spotify .  .  . And if you're a fan of the podcast, go over to http://www.christophertallon.com. You can follow me on social media, find out more about the podcast, and get links for my book Switchers, a sci-fi/horror time-travel novel. I can even sign and personalize a copy for you! (If you're in the US…) Thanks everyone!

If you go to the festival, use promo code HEARTSICK to save money!

If you’re gonna be at the festival or the art market, let me know through one of the socials!


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