Did I just catfish myself…?🤣 (and some other stuff)

catfished on instagram...by myself!

Good morning!

Okay, so you might not be reading this in the morning, but I’m writing it in the morning. Deal with it.

Catfishing Myself

Sorry. I’m in a weird mood because I kinda catfished myself. If you don’t know, to catfish someone means to “lure (someone) into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona.”

So what had happened was…

I went to this Grand Rapids Gold G-League basketball game, where former lottery pick Nik Stauskas had a crazy game. He scored 43 points (immediately following a G-League record 57-point performance the game before) and I posted a video of one of his many three-pointers on my stories.

That night, the Grand Rapids Gold IG put my video on their stories. Then I got a message from Nik Stauskas.

Or so I thought.

My inbox cut off the name so it looked like this:


I sent a message back telling him he had a hell of a game, or some cliche-ass thing.

The next day I was like, That was pretty cool. I even told a couple people about it.

But when I looked closer at the message “Nik” sent me, I noticed the full name of the page was:


So here I was thinking (and telling people, hahaha) that I’m getting chummy with this dude and he doesn’t know who the f**k and am, and probably couldn’t give a s**t either.

So, yeah. I guess I kinda catfished myself…

What a dumbass.

Listen to Creative Ops

Dumbassery aside, I implore you to give my podcast a shot. It’s called CREATIVE OPS and it’s a podcast for creative people of all types, or just creativity enthusiasts. We talk about the creators, their creations, and their creative process. And whatever else comes up in a conversation between creative people. Hosted by writer Christopher Tallon (aka me).

Ep.67 | The Return of the Hosts of Threads Podcast: Life Unfiltered (Kinda…(You’ll See What I Mean.)) Creative Ops

Jason Tieri returns for the second time to represent Threads Podcast: Life Unfiltered. His co-host, Mike Van Drie, is on the show for the first time. (He wasn't on the show yet the first time. (We get into all that. (Do these parentheses seem weird? (It's only weird if you make it weird…)))) We talk about the change in the hosting lineup, learn things about Mike that Jason didn't know, talk about what it's like discussing deeply personal things "publicly", how a podcast develops over time, having to poop while running, coming up with good titles for podcast episodes, and more. Go to http://www.threadspodcast.com and, as per the guys' recommendations, start listening to Threads Podcast: Life Unfiltered with episodes #167 and #171–if you haven't already been listening. .   .   . And please go to http://www.christophertallon.com to find out more about my novel, this podcast, and…other stuff. On all social media platforms: @tallonwrites
  1. Ep.67 | The Return of the Hosts of Threads Podcast: Life Unfiltered (Kinda…(You’ll See What I Mean.))
  2. Ep.66 | A Brief History of (Some of) the Creative Parts of Our Patriotic Culture
  3. Ep.65 | Jody Sperling – Writer & Host of Cre8 Collabor8
  4. Ep.64 | 10 Signs You’re a Creative Person
  5. Ep. 63 | Derek Mohr – Developer, Designer, Artist, & Good Dude

Read a book before it comes out?

If you want to read a book before it comes out, let me know. I have one coming out in June (2022 (ya never know when you’ll read this)). If you’re interested, hit me up on one of my social media accounts. Or you can email me.

How do you know if you want to read it? Oh yeah. Good point. Here’s a LINK to a description of the book and a few early reader reactions.

Thanks for reading this, listening to the podcast, and/or inquiring about reading my book.

Appreciate ya.


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