The Business of Selling Books

I came across this blog and, though I almost never do it, thought it would be a great one to repost. Enjoy!


The Askew Blog

Profit (in the) Margins

I have an important question for you. Why have you chosen to become an author? Most of us are writers because writing and sharing the stories, ideas, and emotions inside of us is in our nature. It’s who we are . . . but that isn’t what I want to talk to you about today.

For many of us, we want to not only share our thoughts with the world, but make a living doing it. A lofty ambition, but we writers are dreamers, schemers and magic weavers; dreaming big is part of the package, and the drive to hit the big time is very real in our hearts.

There are relatively few superstars who rise to the top of this profession—those writers who have the talent, drive, and good fortune to make the right connections at the right times, and are launched into the stratosphere…

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2 Comments on “The Business of Selling Books

  1. Great post with amazing info, especially the price breakdowns and what’s involved on the other end of the publishing process. Thanks for digging this up!


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