Hey writers! Holla at me!

One of the most exciting things for a reader is finding a new author that absolutely kills it. Whether you’re an indie author or mainstreamer trying to get the word out, if you want me to read and review your book on here, Litsy, and Goodreads, hit up the contact section. I’m looking for new reads all the time, and I’d love to help anyone who’s got a book and a dream.

If you enjoy wasting time on the internet as much as I do…

Check out my RANDOM FUN STUFF page if you’re looking to kill a few minutes/hours on the internet. It’s all links to things like a fun fact generator, cool science news, personality tests, and whatnot.

I’m always looking to add more. Please comment or contact me if you have a favorite internet time-killer you’d like to share!

The Greatest Novel (I’ve) Ever Written!

Switchers is a super fun, kind of creepy, science fiction novel. It’s still done and looking for a home the traditional route. If that route is a no-go, it’ll be up on Amazon before too too long. If you’re interested in reading it before it becomes available to the masses, and giving a guy some honest feedback let me know. Not sure about that? Get a brief description of the book, then make up your mind.

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