I love Halloween. It’s just about the only holiday I get excited for.

You don’t get excited about Christmas?

Not really. Costs a lot of money. Have to travel and see everyone.

What about New Year’s Eve?

Looks fun…

Nah–everyone is drunk. I don’t mind a drink once in awhile, but it’s not my favorite way to celebrate. And all the other holidays are too stressful. Gotta see this side of the family, that side of the family, bring a dish to pass, buy gifts, be nice even when your family kind of pisses you off. I’m just not into it.

But Halloween is different. You don’t have to do much traveling. There isn’t usually a “dinner” involved. You don’t have to buy anything–except costumes, which is the best part! And my kids like to make costumes on the cheap. My youngest daughter got cow pajamas from Target, then ordered wings and a halo on Amazon. She’s a holy cow. Get it? She came up with it on her own. Not bad, right?

It’s awesome if you’re a kid. You get to stay up late and eat candy with your friends.

It’s fun when you’re grown up. You get a little exercise walking your kid(s) around. As long as you can keep going until they’re too tired or their bags are too heavy, then they think you’re great for taking them. It’s a win-win.

In summary, Halloween rules and all the other holidays can suck it.

Happy Halloween, Friends!!!


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